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   Watercolor Paintings / Trumeau Mirrors

     Patricia began drawing and painting at an early age and painted on almost anything that would stand still.  She once painted on a window shade with left over paint from a paint-by-number set which an aunt had given her.  Capturing on paper,  canvas or any surface available she found comfort and challenge in painting the many beautiful N.C. rural scenes, trees, florals and beaches she saw.  Vintage houses, rural barns, sagging buildings, stillife,  landscape and the  farm life which inspired her.  At the age of 14 she  became the first recipient of the annual Sanford Herald Mason Art Award and went on to earn recognition and awards throughout her youth.  She sold her first commissioned painting at age 15.  She received her BFA from UNCG and went on to study architectural design at NCSU. After a year of public school teaching Patricia set about  establishing her own art studio where she taught art to both children and adults. 
 Patricia taught art on WRALTV for some 9 years and conducted numerous workshops, seminars, and exhibitions from her studio. She considers herself fortunate to have studied with many wonderful locally and nationally known teachers. In the early 80's Patricia completed a degree in Art Therapy. She introduced the Art Therapy concept into North Carolina's rehabilitation and educational settings, employing the theory as an alternate therapeutic and primary teaching modality. Patricia trained educators and rehabilitation staff members in the art therapy concept, held training workshops in institutional settings, hospitals, schools, and other facilities throughout N. C., using local community volunteer support artists to help train staff members in the creative use of Art Therapy techniques. She wrote an Educational Art Therapy curriculum for the Juvenile System in N.C. and held many staff training workshops in forensic units teaching creative alternate education and rehabilitation techniques. She is now retired but teaches workshops and consults upon request.

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